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University of Belgrade

Center for Genome Sequencing and Bioinformatics

Center for Genome Sequencing and Bioinformatics was opened in 2022 at IMGGE in cooperation with BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The center represents a modern laboratory environment that includes about 450m2 of the modern laboratories unique in the region, as well as a bioinformatics center.

Such a center enables further progress of research, the implementation of 4P medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) in our country, as well as further development of biomedicine and biotechnology using state-of-the-art tools of molecular biology and information technology.

Also, the Center houses various technologies for sequencing, which represents a unique environment in the country and region.

The Office for IT and eGovernment and IMGGE have signed an Agreement on the use of the National Platform for Artificial Intelligence, which provides our institute with space for secure data storage as well as access to a supercomputer, which is of great importance for the processing and analysis of big data.

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