The vision and inspiration of the employees at IMGGE is acquiring new knowledge in the field of molecular genetics, biomedicine and biotechnology and its application in order to improve the quality of life.

Vision of IMGGE is to contribute, through scientific results, to the transformation of the country into knowledge-based society.

IMGGE will strive to provide an adequate environment and infrastructure that will enable linking fundamental research and practice. 


  • Develop top-quality expertise in the field and translate the knowledge into practice in order to:

enhance health
improve food
advance agriculture
protect the environment

  • Educate and train professionals who, in the future, will push forward the boundaries of knowledge
  • Establish Centers of excellence that will act as disseminators of excellence both locally and globally and contribute to the development of society and economy in Serbia
  • Actively participate in the competetive international scientific environment and building linkages with leading global research and development organizations
  • Increasing public engagement with science and raise awareness and understanding of science and technology development
  • Become a regional leader in the transition of the global economy in the "knowledge economy".


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Monography - 30 years of IMGGE

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