Graduate works


Lena Pantelic
Pyocyanin: biosynthesis and biotechnological potential



Maja Vodnik
Biocatalytic transformation of selected dihydropyridines



Milica Joksimovic
The effect of anti-inflammatory drugs on the protein profile of inflammatory cells

Stefan Maslovar
Assaying the anti-fungal activity of the Streptomyces sp. BV221 isolated from the stinging nettle rizosphere

Marija Vukcevic
Isolation of the Ustilago maydis mutants sensitive to hydrogen peroxide



Ivana Vukojevic Bukvin
Search for imine reductases in Streptomyces strains



Igor Asanovic
Isolation and characterization of the new thermo-alkalifilic bacterial strain and its cellulolytic enzyme



Ena Bukic
Influence of genetic variant rs9516519 in the ABCC4 gene on toxicity caused by therapy in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Jelena Simic
Influence of the variant FIIc.*64_66del on the interaction of the prothrombin 3' with HepG2 cell line proteins

Mladen Stepanovic
Detection of UGT1A1*28 variant significant as a diagnostic marker in Gilbert's syndrome and a pharmacogenetic marker in the treatment with Irinotecan



Aleksandar Bartolome
Optimization of the conditions for the use of anti-Vimentin antibody in Western blot technique and  Vimentin expression analyssis during neuronal differentiation of NT2/D1 cells

Djordje Radulovic
The effects of quercetin and LiCl on the activity of canonical (β-katenine/TCF) Wnt signaling pathway in NT2/D1 cells

Aleksandra Vancevska
Optimization of the method for the determination of deoxyribonucleases in biological samples



Srdjan Boskovic
The influence of polymorphisms in the neutrophil elastase gene promoter on the therapeutic response in children with idiopathic bronchiectasis

Jovana Deretic
Analysis of CFTR gene large deletions in patients with cystic fibrosis

Aleksandra Miletic
Structural analysis of exons encoding the MH2 domain of SMAD4 protein in asthmatic patients

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