Current projects

The role of transcription factors and small RNAs in abiotic stress in plants and genetic biodiversity of plant species in agriculture and biotechnology

Principal Investigator: Dr Vesna Maksimovic, IMGGE
OI 173005

Complex diseases as a model system for phenotype modulation – structural and functional analysis of molecular biomarkers

OI 173008
Principal Investigator: Dr Dragica Radojkovic, IMGGE 

Genes and molecular mechanisms promoting probiotic activity of lactic acid bacteria from Western Balkan

Principal Investigator: Dr Milan Kojic, IMGGE
OI 173019 

Microbial diversity study and characterization of beneficial environmental microorganisms

OI 173048
Principal Investigator: Dr Branka Vasiljevic, IMGGE 

Studying signal transduction pathways and epigenetic mechanisms that control human SOX genes expression: further insight into their roles in cell fate determination and differentiation

Principal Investigator: Dr Milena Stevanovic, IMGGE
OI 173051 

Molecular characterization of bacteria from genera Bacillus and Pseudomonas as potential agents for biological control

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Djordje Fira, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Participants from IMGGE: Dr Milan Kojic and dr Sanja Mihajlovic
OI 173026 

Plant biodiversity of Serbia and the Balkans – assesment, sustainable use and protection

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Dmitar Lakusic, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Jelena Aleksic
OI 173030 

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of recovery of rats from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Principal Investigator: Dr Djordje Miljkovic, Institute for Biological Research "Sinisa Stankovic", University of Belgrade
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Gordana Timotijevic
OI 173035 

Rational design and synthesis of biologically active and coordination compounds and functional materials, relevant in (bio)nanotechnology

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Ivan Juranic, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Djordje Francuski
OI 172035 

Combinatorial libraries of heterogeneous catalysts, natural products, modified natural products and their analogues: the way to new biologically active agents

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Niko Radulovic, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Tatjana Ilic-Tomic
OI 172061 


III 41004
Principal Investigator: Dr Sonja Pavlovic, IMGGE 

Role of preoperative disease staging, prognostic, therapy markers, objectification of functional results in decision on rectal cancer treatment strategy, with the aim of improving oncology results and quality of life

Principal Investigator: Prof. Zoran Krivokapic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Aleksandra Nikolic
III 41033

Development of new encapsulation and enzyme technology to produce biocatalysts and biologically active food components in order to increase its competitiveness, quality and safety

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Branko Bugarski, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
Participants from IMGGE: Prof. dr Ljubisa Topisirovic and dr Ivana Strahinic
III 46010

Ethnogenesis of the Serbs during the Middle Ages (until c.1250): a comparative analysis of the historic-cultural heritage, genetic material and artefacts of material culture from the aspect of analytical chemistry

Principal Investigator: Dr Irena Cvijanovic, The Institute of History Belgrade
Participants from IMGGE: Dr Natasa Kovacevic-Grujicic, dr Milena Stevanovic, dr Marija Mojsin, dr Andrijana Klajn, dr Jelena Popovic, Slobodan Davidovic and Vladanka Topalovic
III 47025

Development of technological processes for production of innovative probiotic products for prevention and treatment of intestinal infections in animals

Principal Investigator: Dr Natasa Golic, IMGGE
Project 2616 of the Innovation Fund, 2017-2019

The upcycling of waste plastic packaging material to a biodegradable plastic: Waste to value added product

Principal Investigator: Dr Jasmina Nikodinovic-Runic, IMGGE
Green Innovation Vouchers Scheme for Serbia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Austrian DRIVE (Delivering Resource Efficiency InVEstments) Programme, 2018

Survey for antimicrobials effective against carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), CRP/SRB15-02, 2016-2018
Principal Investigator: Dr Branko Jovcic, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade 

New synergistic strategy to treat chronic wound infections

Principal Investigator: Dr Lidija Senerovic, IMGGE
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), CRP/SRB16-02, 2017-2019

Studying the molecular mechanisms involved in maintaining pluripotency and differentiation of stem cells

F23, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Principal investigator: Milena Stevanovic, PhD

Optimization (individualization) of the rectal cancer treatment using predictive molecular genetic biomarkers

F-20, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2013-
Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Zoran Krivokapić, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Participants from IMGGE: Dr Dragica Radojkovic and dr Aleksandra Nikolic

Unrevealing the taxonomic status of Fagus moesiaca in Serbia

National project of the Forestry Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, 401-00-781/2017-10, 2018
Principal Investigator: Prof. dr Mirjana Sijacic-Nikolic, Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Jelena Aleksic 

Functionalization of biopolymers

Principal Investigator: Dr Jasmina Nikodinovic-Runic, IMGGE
Bioplastech Ltd., Dublin, Ireland, 2013-

Science in Motion for Friday Night Commotion 2018-2019 (SCIMFONICOM 2018-2019)

Coordinator: Dr Aleksandra Divac Rankov, IMGGE
European Comission, H2020-818747, 2018-2019

Scientific Super-Combi-Nation

Coordinator: Dr Sandra Dragicevic, IMGGE
Project of the Center for the Promotion of Science, 2018-2019

Gene regulation ensemble effort for the knowledge commons

CA15205, 2016-2020 

Diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of exposure-related noncommunicable diseases (DiMoPEx)

CA15129, 2016-2020 

Open Multiscale Systems Medicine (OpenMultiMed)

CA15120, 2016-2020

Application of next generation sequencing for the study and diagnosis of plant viral diseases in agriculture

FA1407, 2015-2019

European Epitranscriptomics Network

CA16120, 2017-2021

Identifying Biomarkers Through Translational Research for Prevention and Stratification of Colorectal Cancer (TRANSCOLONCAN)

CA17118, 2018-2022

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