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PhD Studies

One of the strategic goals of the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering is to deliver an intellectual basis for the development of highly educated and creative young scientists in the fields of Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, which are in return expected to take the leading positions in research and teaching and push the frontiers of knowledge.

IMGGE became a member of the University of Belgrade in 2005 and thus formalized its educational activities which were over two decades realized through the experimental and theoretical works for diploma and master theses, and doctoral dissertations.

IMGGE together with several members of the University of Belgrade designed and organized Ph.D. program in Molecular Biology. Faculty of Biology is a coordinator of this program.

The study program of doctoral studies in Molecular Biology carries a total of 180 ECTS, lasts 3 years and includes two modules: module Molecular Biology and module Physiology

 Module Molecular Biology includes three submodules:

Molecular microbiology and biotechnology

Molecular biomedicine

Molecular genetics and genomics

The flexibility of the Ph.D. program enables the student, in agreement with the mentor, to choose as an elective subject also those from other doctoral programs organized by the Faculty of Biology of the University of Belgrade.

At this moment, IMGGI researchers have been engaged in organizing and running five courses within this Ph.D. program:

Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms (coordinators: dr Đorđe Fira, dr Goran Vukotić)

Genes and Human Diseases (coordinators: dr Maja Stojiljković, dr Maja Živković)

Gene and Cell Therapy with Pharmacogenomics (coordinator: dr Sonja Pavlović)

Molecular Biology of the Cell (coordinators: dr Ana Đorđević, dr Snežana Кojić)

Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes (coordinators: dr Branko Jovčić, dr Milan Кojić)

Besides, many other researchers are actively involved as lectures within these but also within other courses of Molecular Biology Program of doctoral studies.

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