Determination of total viable bacteria / yeast sample

Probiotic products are increasingly used as food supplements which beneficially affect the host by fixing a balance in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Probiotic preparations may be mono-or a mixture of different strains / species of microorganisms that have beneficial effects on the health of the host. Bacterium of the order Lactobacillales are the traditional basic components of probiotics. In addition, in the last ten years yeasts of the genus Saccharomyces were used as a potent probiotics. In the past decade offer of some probiotic products had a great expansion, and some preparations have proved to be indispensable, as auxiliaries in the treatment of oral infections and GIT symptoms, primarily diarrhea caused by different etiological factors. New products with probiotic properties that can be found on the market have a clearly defined number of lyophilized bacteria, and the quality of the preparation directly depends on the ability to revitalize these bacteria after eating ie. the real number of viable microorganisms.

 In the past year, the Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology was contacted by various pharmaceutical companies that have expressed interest for quality control of probiotic products in term of viability of probiotic bacteria in the products.



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