Most of the IMGGE activities is devoted to fundamental research in the areas of molecular biology and molecular genetics of various organisms as well as the application of these results in biomedicine and biotechnology. Special attention is paid to monitoring of global trends in relevant areas of scientific research and to the implementation of the most advanced techniques of molecular biology and molecular genetics in order to analyze the structure, function and regulation of gene/protein expression and genome organization. Investigations are taking place using various model systems,  prokaryotic (actinomycetes, lactic acid bacteria, clinically relevant pathogens, isolates fromdifferent ecological niches, laboratory generated strains of bacteria) and eukaryoticmodel (materials of human origin,materials of animal origin, cell lines of human and animal origin, zebra fish, fungi and plants).

Research Areas

                Human molecular genetics

Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine

Laboratory for Human Molecular Genetics

Laboratory for Molecular Biology

                Plant molecular genetics

Laboratory for Plant Molecular Biology

                Microbial molecular genetics

Laboratory for Microbial Molecular Genetics and Ecology

Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology




                PhD Theses

                Magister and Master Theses

                Graduate Theses


Scientific papers published for the period 2011.-2017.



Number of bachelor, magister, master and PhD theses for the period 1986.-2017.



Scientific papers published for the period 1986.-2017.



Average IF for the period 2011.-2015.



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