Nemanja Mirković

Assistant Research Professor
Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology
Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering (IMGGE),

University of Belgrade
Vojvode Stepe 444a, 11042 Belgrade 152, Serbia

Tel:      +381 11 397 59 60
Fax:    +381 11 397 58 08


2016 - PhD in Food microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
2009 - PhD student at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrad
2007 - Graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade 


2011-2017 - Resarcher Assistant, Laboratory for Food Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
2017 - Research Associate, Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology, Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering, University of Belgrade 


2011 -  Practical lectures in the field of Food Microbiology on different levels of studying, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade

 Member of FEMS Association, Member of Serbian Society of Microbiology, Member of Serbian Association of Food Technologist, Member of Serbian Society for Molecular Biology.  


  • Isolation and molecular characterization of antimicrobial compounds from different ecological niches and their potential application in food and medicine.
  • The study of the interaction of the bacteriocin molecule and the membrane receptor.
  • Examination of different encapsulation techniques (spray-drying, extrusion and lyophilization) for antimicrobial compounds and potential probiotic bacteria.  


Lozo J, Mirkovic N, O'Connor PMMalesevic MMiljkovic MPolovic NJovcic BCotter PDKojic M. (2017) Lactolisterin BU, a novel Class II broad spectrum bacteriocin from Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis bv. diacetylactis BGBU1-4. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2017. (In press).

Mirkovic N, Polovic N, Vukotic G, Jovcic B, Miljkovic M, Radulovic Z, Diep DB, Kojic M. (2016) Lactococcus lactis LMG2081 Produces Two Bacteriocins, a Nonlantibiotic and a Novel Lantibiotic. Applied and Environonmental Microbioliology. 82: 8: 2555-2562. 

Miljkovic M, Uzelac G, Mirkovic N, Devescovi G, Diep D, Venturi V, Kojic M. (2016) LsbB bacteriocin interacts with the third transmembrane domain of the YvjB receptor. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 82: 17: 5364-5374. 

Vukotic G, Mirkovic N, Jovcic B, Miljkovic M, Strahinic I, Fira D, Radulovic Z and Kojic M (2015) Proteinase PrtP impairs lactococcin LcnB activity in Lactococcus lactis BGMN1-501: new insights into bacteriocin regulation. Frontiers in Microbiology 6:92. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2015.00092.

Oketič K, Bogovič Matijašić B, Obermajer T, Radulović Z, Lević S, Mirković N,  Nedović V. (2015) Evaluation of propidium monoazide real-time PCR for enumeration of probiotic lactobacilli microencapsulated in calcium alginate beads. Beneficial Microbes 6:4:573-581. 

Novovic N, Filipic B, Veljovic K, Begovic J, Mirkovic N, Jovcic N. (2015) Environmental waters and bla NDM-1 in Belgrade, Serbia: endemicity questioned. Science of the Total Environment 511: 393-398.

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