Marija Švirtlih

Research Associate
Laboratory for human molecular genetics

Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering (IMGGE)
University of Belgrade

V. Stepe 444a, P.Fah 23, 11010 Belgrade, Serbia
Mob:    +381 65 3976212
Tel:      +381 11 3976212
Fax:     +381 11 397 58 08


2009 - PhD in Medical Sciences, Semmelweiss University, Budapest, Hungary. In 2012, nostrificated as PhD in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Biology (FB), UB (Molecular components and functionality of the GABA signaling during development: a study on two model systems)
1998 - B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Physiology, FB, University of Belgrade


2012 - Research Associate,
Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering (IMGGE), University of Belgrade


2012 - esearch Associate, Laboratory for human molecular genetics Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering (IMGGE) University of Belgrade
2001 - 2010 - Research Fellow, Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Institute of Experimental Medicine Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
1998 - 2001 - Research Trainee, Department of Neurobiology, Institute for Biological Research “Sinisa Stankovic”, Belgrade, Serbia 


Study on expression and function of SOXB1(SOX1, SOX2, SOX3) and SOXB2 (SOX14 and SOX21) members of SOXB transcription factors during proliferation of embryonic and cancer stem cells. Furthermore, SOXB transcription factors involvement in the regulation of numerous developmental processes in the brain.


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  • Stanisavljevic D., Petrovic I., Vukovic V., Schwirtlich M., Gredic M., Stevanovic M., Popovic J. (2017). SOX14 activates the p53 signaling pathway and induces apoptosis in a cervical carcinoma cell line. PLOS ONE. 12(9):e0184686.
  • Petrovic I., Milivojevic M., Popovic J., Schwirtlich M., Rankovic B., Stevanovic M. (2015). SOX18 Is a Novel Target Gene of Hedgehog Signaling in Cervical Carcinoma Cell Lines. PLOS ONE 10(11): e0143591.
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  • Drakulic D, Vicentic JM, Schwirtlich M, Tosic J, Krstic A, Klajn A, Stevanovic M. (2015). The overexpression of SOX2 affects the migration of human teratocarcinoma cell line NT2/D1. An Acad Bras Cienc. 87(1):389-404.
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