Detection of structural and numerical aberrations of sex chromosomes in infertile men

This method is a DNA based multiplexed assays for the rapid determination of sex chromosome aneuploidy status and detection and characterisation of the three most common classes of Y chromosome microdeletion associated with male infertility. The method detects aneuploidy of the X and Y chromosomes as well as microdeletions of AZFa, AZFb, AZFc regions  on chromosome Y by QF-PCR (Quantitative Fluorescence-Polymerase Chain Reaction) technique. Identifying the genetic causes of male infertility can result in more effective clinical management of patients which can be assessed by presented method. 

The method is performed on DNA extracted from whole blood. Blood sample should be mixed with sodium Citrate as an anticoagulant in ratio 1:9. At least 5ml of blood/citrate mix is needed. 

The samples are accepted only with prior scheduling. The price depends on how many samples are included in the analysis simultaneously.

Contact: Jelena Popovic, PhD

Laboratory for Human Molecular Genetics

tel. +381 11 3976 212; fax. +381 11 3975 808

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