Identification of bacteria by 16S rDNA sequencing

The use of 16S rRNA gene sequences to study bacterial phylogeny and taxonomy is the most common housekeeping genetic marker since it is present in all bacteria and the function of the 16S rRNA gene over time has not changed, suggesting that random sequence changes are a more accurate measure of evolution. For bacterial identification we can use pure culture, isolated DNA or 16S rRNA gene amplicon (PCR amplified) by sequencing partial 16S rRNA gene or almost entire gene using universal bacterial primers. Obtained sequences will be analyzed and bacteria identified using SeqMatch and BLAST tools.

Identification of bacteria Type of analysis Total (RSD)
a) DNA isolation 3.000,00
b) PCR analysis 3.000,00
c) sequencing 8.100,00
d) identification 1.080,00
TOTAL 15.180,00


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