Bio-coloration of textile using bacteria

Proof of Concept, Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, 5114, 2020-2021
Principal Investigator: Dr Tatjana Ilic-Tomic, IMGGE
Participant from IMGGE: Dr Jasmina Nikodinovic-Runic

In this project, possibility to use growing strains of bacteria as direct natural dyeing tool for textiles will be assessed, along with the possibility to introduce additional functionality to dyed materials relying on antimicrobial, anticancer and antioxidative properties of bacterial pigments.

Based on our previous study, crude extracts of bacterial strains could be used as biocolorants in conventional textile dyeing. Investigated extracts showed characteristics similar to those of ionic and disperse dyes. Bacterial pigments are used for coloration of materials including soap and plastics, with their usage on the steady incline due to advantages like non-toxicity, agro-renewable nature and lower environmental impact in comparison to chemical pigments.

In the proposed project the ability of two new Streptomyces strains to directly dye different fabrics by depositing their pigments into the fibers, during growth on textiles, will be tested. In this way, colored material could be obtained without the use of chemicals and with significantly reduced water consumption. Described bacterial dyeing process is novel, attractive and in accordance with sustainable development tendencies.


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