Laboratory for Microbial Molecular Genetics and Ecology

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Research interests of LMMGE are biotechnology, molecular genetics, biochemistry and ecology of microorganisms and microbial communities. As a former Laboratory for Molecular Genetics of Actinomycetes, we have unique collection of Streptomyces and other soil bacteria that we continually update and bioprospect for novel bioactive compounds and biotechnologically relevant enzymes.

With lab members’ backgrounds in microbiology, molecular genetics, synthetic chemistry, veterinary science, fermentation technology, and biocatalysis, and long standing collaborations with industrial microbiologists, biochemical engineers, medical mycologists, and chemists in particular, we use microbial molecular and synthetic biology in addressing a wide range of interesting problems:

  • Biotechnology (offering sustainable and greener solutions to synthesis of valuable molecules and biomaterials including waste conversion to value-added materials);
  • Production and characterization of bioactive compounds (Streptomyces culture collection; soil microorganisms);
  • Novel approaches in antimicrobial treatments (microbial communication modulating molecules; virulence modulating agents; host-pathogen interactions; activity against microbial biofilms; antifungal therapy);
  • Biocatalysis (discovery and engineering of novel biocatalysts for the production of chiral molecules, and improvement of biocatalytic processes);
  • Bioremediations (aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals) and biodeteriorations (cultural heritage paintings, books, monuments).

LMMGE is organized in two research groups:

Group for Eco-Biotechnology and Drug Development, led by Dr. Jasmina Nikodinovic-Runic, is developing eco-sustainable processes based on microorganisms and microbial enzymes and using microbial bioactive metabolites as starting point for further structural optimizations and activity enhancements.

Group for Applied Microbiology, led by Dr. Lidija Senerovic, explores microbial communities and their interactions with the hosts and with the environment. We use bacterial signaling molecules, secondary metabolites and enzymes to develop novel treatment approaches and therapeutics against microbial infections. We apply microorganisms, their enzymes and products to design novel bioremediation methods and processes.

LMMGE continually seeking new collaborations and is offering services that include microbiological analysis, analysis and characterization of bioactive molecules in different model systems such as C. elegans and D. renio, and directed evolution of enzymes.

Current projects
Selected publications

Head Office / Mailing address:
Vojvode Stepe 444a,
11042 Belgrade 152, Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3976034
Faks: +381 11 3975808 


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