Nutrigenetics and status of vitamin D, zinc and selenium in Serbian population: are we ready for COVID-19? - NutriCoV

Program "Pokreni se za nauku", Phillip Morris Company, 2020-2021
Principal Investigator: Dr Nikola Kotur, IMGGE
Participants from IMGGE: Dr Biljana Stankovic, dr Kristel Klaassen Ljubicic, dr Anita Skakic, dr Vladimir Gasic

NUTRICOV project investigates how nutrition, combined with genetic basis of an individual, can impact COVID-19 disease. The research will be focused on status of micronutrients important for immune response - vitamin D, zinc and selenium. To achieve the research objective, NUTRICOV project is recruiting volunteers who were diagnosed with COVID-19 in 2020. Therefore, the citizens become active participants in research study and their engagement is the key part of the project. Hence the research team and the citizens have a common goal – to identify risk factors which define severe form of COVID-19 and, throughout the results of the study, to propose preventive strategies based on nutrition tailored to the genetic basis of an individual, an approach globally known as precision nutrition.


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