Short course of DNAlogy

Center for the Promotion of Science, 2020-2021
Principal Investigator: Dr Branka Zukic, IMGGE
Participants from IMGGE: Dr Sonja Pavlovic, dr Milena Ugrin, dr Vesna Spasovski, dr Biljana Stankovic, dr Nikola Kotur, dr Kristel Klaassen Ljubicic, dr Marina Andjelkovic, dr Anita Skakic, dr Vladimir Gasic, Jovana Komazec, Bojan Ristivojevic

The realization of "Short course of DNAlogy" program for science popularization in Serbia began in 2009. and is being done continuously since. Until now, the program included thousands of children and many places in the interior. The program is implemented through two types of activities: Traveling laboratory and Workshop. Both activities include “hands-on” experiments and presentations of the latest discoveries in molecular biology and biomedicine in a popular way. The traveling laboratory was proposed for primary and secondary school pupils, children in preschool institutions, hospitals and specialized institutions. The workshop was proposed for high school students, biology teachers and the general population. All participants apply the protection measures when doing the experiments, the same ones as recommended in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic (use of masks and gloves, soap and detergent, disinfection with alcohol). Participants receive scientific explanation for all experimental procedures. Because of that, this program becomes extremely up-to-date.


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