Pro-Belgrade - Could Prothrombin Belgrade mutation affect blood vessels? A new insight into thrombosis mechanism

Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration Program: Knowledge Exchange Vouchers, Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, 2020-2021

Principal Investigator: Dr Valentina Djordjevic, IMGGE

Participant from IMGGE: Sofija Dunjic

Prothrombin Belgrade mutation is associated with marked thrombosis and a potentially life-threatening disorder, but its mechanism is still not fully revealed.

The Project aim is to determine whether Prothrombin Belgrade mutation affects blood vessels formation and their role in hemostatic processes.  Recombinant wild type and mutated prothrombin (generated in IMGGE) will be used as a treatment for HUVEC cell line, while global hemostatic tests will be performed in Karolinska Institute. 


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