Alleviation of lung inflammation by probiotics

Proof of Concept, Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, 5709, 2020-2021
Principal Investigator: Dr Katarina Veljovic
Participants from IMGGE: Dr Marija Stankovic, Dr Svetlana Sokovic Bajic i Dr Natasa Golic

The main objective of the proposed project is a preclinical in vivo evaluation of the potential preventive or curative effects of natural lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains on lung inflammation.

Many chronic lung diseases currently lack effective pharmacological treatments, which particularly affect severe cases. Chronic inflammatory lung diseases (CILD) are the most common causes of severe illness and death, affecting more than 500 million people world-wide with a huge burden on society and healthcare costs.

Our prior experiments have indicated that LAB strains, with profound anti-inflammatory and antioxidative features, could be used in therapy of chronic lung diseases. However, this has not been exploited as a therapeutic approach, and is the main idea of the proposed project.

Three chosen LAB strains with preferred abilities will be analyzed in vivo in murine model of acute lung inflammation.

Finally, the project will enable identification of natural LAB strains with alleviating effects on lung inflammation symptoms, which can provide a proof of concept for their potential therapeutic application in human CILD. 


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