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Sonja Pavlović

Optimization of method for isolation of stromal vascular fraction from adipose tissue for application in regenerative medicine

Company: Medic invest doo, Beograd


Valentina Đorđеvić

Evaluation of Real-time PCR method modifications for easier and faster genetic testing

Company: East diagnostics 

Aleksandra Divac Rankov

Compatibility testing of various microinjection protocols in different model systems

Company: Alfa Genetics d.o.o. 

Isidora Petrović

Investigation of the potential of FlogoSkin in stimulating the wound healing process

Company: Velelek

Goran Vukotić

Detection of bacteriophages in yogurt production and optimization of starter culture rotation

Company: Mlekara Pančevo 

Branko Tomić

Development of web portal conceptual design for multifactorial diseases

Company: Omnicom Solutions 

Branko Tomić

Laboratory testing of a new version of Multiply®-µStrips

Company: Alfatrade enterprise d.o.o. 

Tamara Babić

Optimization of extraction of specific proteins present in small quantities using Dinabeads ™ magnetic beads

Company: Vivogen d.o.o. 

Valentina Đorđević

Testing of new applications for Enzygnost F1+2 test

Company: InterLab exime 

Ljiljana Rakićević

Testing of the expanding use of reagents for the direct application of PCR

Company: RTC d.o.o. 

Dušan Milivojević

Improvement of the identification of pathogenic fungi from the dermatophyte group using molecular genetic methods

Company: VetLab d.o.o 

Jasmina Nikodinović-Runić

Improvement of paper straws through impregnation with bacterial biopolymer and their stability and degradation analysis in the compost model

Company: Fill doo

Ivana Strahinić

Development of new methods for the determination of the total number of bacteria in the probiotic compositions for human consumption in form of tablets, pastilles and chewing gum

Company: Medico Domus 

Jelena Đokić

Investigation of potential of a new vaginal probiotic for the treatment of vaginal bacterial infections in vitro

Company: Optimus Pharmaceuticals d.o.o

Goran Vukotić

Characterization and fast detection of bacteriophages in milk and fermented products of Balkan, using molecular methods

Company: Mlekara Pančevo 

Aeksandra Nestorović

Laboratory testing of EURx products

Company: Hemico d.o.o. 

Ljiljana Rakićević

Testing of genotyping of ribosomal genes of nematodes after application of PCR directly from the egg stage

Company: RTC d.o.o.

Mirjana Novković

Testing efficacy and optimization of cell proliferation kit for in vivo usage

Company: Elta’90MedicalScience DOO

Mirjana Novković

Testing and optimization of combination of different fluorescent antibody labeling dyes regarding simultaneous detection of proteins and protein isoforms

Company: NOVOS DOO 

Marija Stanković

Could application of probiotic bacteria attenuate lung inflammation?

Company: Baltik Junior (Probotanic) 

Branka Zukić

Development of genetic test relevant for men’s reproductive health

Company: Stem Art 

Branka Zukić

Design of the platform for predictive pharmacogenomic testing in Serbia

Company: ELTA 90 Medical Science  d.o.o.

Aleksandar Pavić

Finding the best combinatorics of light microscopes with different optical performance and software packages to obtain the high quality in vitro, in vivo and in situ microscopy.

Company: Galabern d.o.o.



Sonja Pavlović

Design and validation of the genetic test relevant for women’s reproductive health: novel NGS panel

Company: StemArt  

Aleksandar Pavić

An evaluation of Delphinol®, a natural plant remedy, for the topical use in UV light protection

Company: Phytonet dooo. 

Nemanja Mirković

Effect of Xylitol on the presence of Streptococcus mutans in the oral cavity

Company:  NADA PHARM 

Nemanja Stanisavljević

Investigation of the effect of Delphinol® on the stability of probiotic product in simulated conditions of gastrointestinal tract and the survival of Lactobacillus acidophilus LA14 during storage

Company: Phytonet



Katarina Veljović

Development of technological process for the production of deep-frozen starter cultures for fermented products

Company: Invetlab 

Goran Vukotić

Testing of proteolytic activity of Lactobacillus plantarum LP-115 and actazin for assessing their specific probiotic activity

Company: Medico Domus

Maja Tolinački

Prototype design and validation of an innovative probiotic for the treatment of dogs and cats with diabetes

Company: Invetlab

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