Research Associate

Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engineering (IMGGE),
University of Belgrade (UB)

V. Stepe 444a, P.Fah 23, 11010 Belgrade, Serbia
Mobile:           +381 65  397 59 60
Phone:           +381 11 397 59 60
Fax:    +381 11 397 58 08


2013 - PhD in Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Faculty of Biology (FB), UB (Thesis: “Analysis of interaction of lactobacilli with rat gut mucosa”)
2008 - M.Sc. in Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, FB, UB


2014 - Research Associate,Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology,IMGGE
2013 - 2014 - Research Assistant, LMM, IMGGE
2011 - 2013 - Research Trainee, LMM, IMGGE


Interaction of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) with eukaryotic host including both in vitro and in vivo interactions. Research is focused on adhesive ability of LAB to gastointestinal mucosa of rats as well as host immune response to orally introduced LAB. In this respect, part of research is oriented towards protective effect of LAB in case of chemically induced colitis (TNBS colitis). Additionally, research is concerned with effects of LAB on digestive system functioning and microflora composition.


Lukic J., Strahinic I., Milenkovic M., Nikolic M., Tolinacki M., Kojic M., Begovic J. Aggregation factor as an inhibitor of bacterial binding to gut mucosa. Microbial Ecology (2014) 68 (3): 633-644.

Lukic J., Strahinic I., Milenkovic M., Golic N., Kojic M., Topisirovic L., Begovic J. Interaction of Lactobacillus fermentum BGHI14 with rat colonic mucosa: implications for colitis induction. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2013) 79 (18): 5735-5744.

Lukic J., Strahinic I., Jovcic B., Filipic B., Topisirovic L., Kojic M., Begovic J. Different roles of lactococcal aggregation factor and mucin binding protein in adhesion to gastrointestinal mucosa. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2012) 78 (12): 7993-8000.