Summer training program in IMGGE is organized every year in July or August.

The program offers an intensive two week training opportunity for students interested in research careers in life science. The program provides theoretical knowledge and experimental skills necessary for basic manipulations and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.

The training includes the following basic molecular biology techniques: DNA, RNA and protein extraction, PCR method, DNA sequencing with sequence analysis, reverse transcription and Real Time PCR, assays for enzyme activity analysis, Western blot and immunostaining, bacterial cultivation, transformation and plasmid DNA extraction, and work with eukaryotic cell cultures.

Each applied student can gain hands-on lab experience under the supervision of an experienced researcher from IMGGE. After attending the course, students will gain certificate of completed training in IMGGE. The price of the course is 920 Eur.

Summer training program is mostly intended for students from abroad, while students of the University of Belgrade may acquire laboratory practice through a number of cooperation programs between their faculty and IMGGE.

Information about the program for this year:
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