Regional Center for Talented Youth Belgrade II and IMGGE collaborate in the realization of the Biology & Chemistry Program for high school students since 2011. The program coordinator is Aleksandra Nikolic, PhD, while Bojana Banovic, PhD, Iva Pruner, PhD and Sandra Dragicevic are members of the committees for evaluation of students' projects in the fields of biology, chemistry and life science.

During the past three school years twelve students from the Center have done their research projects in IMGGE under the supervision of the following mentors: Milena Ugrin, PhD, Iva Pruner, PhD, Marija Mojsin, PhD, Jelena Popovic, PhD, Branko Jovcic, PhD, Ivana Moric, PhD, Aleksandra Divac Rankov, PhD, Aleksandar Pavic, PhD, Jovanka Lukic, PhD and Dragana S. Nikolic.

The following projects done in IMGGE were presented at the International Conference of Young Scientists:

  • 2012 - Nevenka Radic

"Angelman syndrome diagnosis: FISH analysis of chromosome 15 microdeletion"

Mentor: Jelena Popovic, PhD, Laboratory for Human Molecular Genetics

  • 2013 - Lazar Milin

"Isolation of metal resistant bacteria from soil"

Mentor: Ivana Moric, PhD, Laboratory for Molecular Genetics and Ecology of Microorganisms

  • 2014 - Mihajlo Stosic

"Influence of plasma on conformation of plasmid DNA"

Mentor: Iva Pruner, PhD, Laboratory for Molecular Biology

Students who attend Biology & Chemistry Program have participated in various workshops within Researchers' Night and DNA Day, manifestations organized by IMGGE.