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Along with fundamental research as the major activity, part of IMGGE activities are directed towards the application of knowledge and research results in human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and environmental protection. IMGGE has set its course to the process of technology transfer in order to support economic development of the country and connect with the leading domestic and foreign research and development and manufacturing organizations. The idea of innovation development and technology transfer aims at the economic and overall social development of the country. Research and innovations should be in accordance with the commitment of the Republic of Serbia to establish social consensus about the importance of investing in knowledge and innovations in order to ensure long-term prosperity of the entire society.

Innovation activity

Innovation projects

Innovations and patents


Educational strategic goal of IMGGE is to become a key institution in the country that will provide: a framework for the development of highly educated young scientists who are expected to have a leading position in scientific research and university teaching; training programs in the field of molecular biology and molecular genetics with continuing education in the field of biomedicine; and promotion of science and communication with the general population to raise awareness of the social and economic importance of scientific progress and technological development in the fields of molecular biology and molecular genetics. Teaching activity of IMGGE is largely carried out through the realization of programs of the bachelor, master and doctor’s studies at the Faculty of Biology (Molecular Biology Module). Furthermore, associates of the Institute take part in PhD and specialist studies at the other faculties and universities in our country.



PhD Studies

Summer Training Programme

For University Students

For High School Students

Programs for the promotion

Little School of DNAlogy

Scholar the Molecular

Researchers' Night


Fascination of Plants Day 

Unistem Day

Brain Awareness Week

Biodiversity Day

World Science Day



Most of the IMGGE activities is devoted to fundamental research in the areas of molecular biology and molecular genetics of various organisms as well as the application of these results in biomedicine and biotechnology. Special attention is paid to monitoring of global trends in relevant areas of scientific research and to the implementation of the most advanced techniques of molecular biology and molecular genetics in order to analyze the structure, function and regulation of gene/protein expression and genome organization. Investigations are taking place using various model systems,  prokaryotic (actinomycetes, lactic acid bacteria, clinically relevant pathogens, isolates fromdifferent ecological niches, laboratory generated strains of bacteria) and eukaryoticmodel (materials of human origin,materials of animal origin, cell lines of human and animal origin, zebra fish, fungi and plants).

Research Areas

                Human molecular genetics

Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine

Laboratory for Human Molecular Genetics

Laboratory for Molecular Biology

                Plant molecular genetics

Laboratory for Plant Molecular Biology

                Microbial molecular genetics

Laboratory for Microbial Molecular Genetics and Ecology

Laboratory for Molecular Microbiology




                PhD Theses

                Magister and Master Theses

                Graduate Theses

objavljeni radovi 1986 2015

Scientific papers published for the period 1986.-2015.


br radova 1986 2015

Number of bachelor, magister, master and PhD theses for the period 1986.-2015.


ukupni if 2011 2015

Total IF for the period 2011.-2015.


prosecan if 2011 2015

Average IF for the period 2011.-2015.